Lauren Jauregui Announces Her Debut Album Will Drop In 2020

Step Up Inspiration Awards

Step Up Inspiration Awards

Lauren Jauregui's fans will have to wait a little while longer for her debut album, but she promises it's coming!

According to Billboard, when the Fifth Harmony songbird was approached on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet and asked whether we'd be receiving her long-awaited first full-length LP this year, Jauregui replied with 2020 as the likelier release frame, adding, "I got you guys, I promise."

Although the album's release is a way's away, Jauregui is making good on tiding fans over with new music projects until then. Just a few weeks ago, the artist teased a behind-the-scenes look at the music video she shot for her next song "Running" featuring singer Arlissa, with promises of a snippet to follow. The track comes after the 23-year-old's hip-hop-infused jam "More Than That" released in January and her debut solo entry, a blazing ballad called "Expectations," arrived in October 2018.

Shortly after dropping her first entry, iHeartRadio spoke with Jauregui as it pertained to her debut album and what listeners can anticipate from her first record. "Definitely all the songs that I have written have come from a very genuine place in my heart, so that's definitely one expectation you can have," she said at the time. "I'm very much exploring all kinds of different parts of myself and allowing that to be whatever I need it to be."

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