Noah Cyrus's Favorite Tattoo Matches One of Her Mom's

Noah Cyrus Performs At The Roxy Theatre

Noah Cyrus Performs At The Roxy Theatre

While staying at home during the current global pandemic surrounding coronavirus COVID-19, Noah Cyrus got up close and personal with fans when she took over iHeartRadio's Instagram to go live, perform her song "July," and answer all of their questions.

Noah recently released a new song called "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus," and one fan asked if the title of the song rings true and if she really did, in fact, get so high that she saw Jesus. She recalled, "I've definitely been to a place that, mentally, I feel like I had a 'come to Jesus moment' where I had a self-realization. I had the epiphany to write this song and I feel like I was in a mindset that I wouldn't have been in had I not been high enough to get there, if that makes sense. I'm not telling you all to go do drugs or nothing, but I'm saying."

Noah also revealed that her favorite scene in the "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus" music video is the scene where she is riding a white horse, because it represents her horse Constantine who passed away. She explained, "I would say the horse scene, just because he represents my horse that passed away, Constantine. Every time that I see that part of the video, I get a little heavy under my eyes, and I get a little sad."

Take a look below at some other things we learned about Noah after she answered some more fan questions live.

On her favorite song she's ever written:

"I don't know because I have so many songs that I've written that ... but I mean, 'July.' 'July' is always going to be a really special one. I think that or 'Again.' But July probably. Just cause it feels like brand new every time that I sing it."

On her favorite singer/songwriter she's inspired by:

"I'm inspired by so many people. But writing wise, I really look up to James Blake, and Ben Howard, Alex Turner, so many people, Harry Styles. I'm mixed genres, so that's why all of my favorite singers are so many different genres, because I mix them."

On her favorite tattoo she has:

"Until I get the tattoo that's going on my right hand ... actually, I would say the butterfly hand piece is really cool. But my favorite is that butterfly [on her right forearm] because my mom has the same one and I got it like years after she got hers, and it's in the same place."

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