Scary Drive Through The California Wildfires

I really can't think of anything scarier than not knowing if you are actually going to be successful trying to escape the flaming clutches of a wildfire that keeps spreading at the rate of 80 football fields PER MINUTE.

This video from a couple escaping the wildfire in Northern California looks like Armageddon. The sky is dark, cloudy, full of smoke and it's daytime! Fire surrounds their vehicle as they flee as fast as they can to escape the blaze. Terrifying doesn't begin to describe this experience. You can hear it in their voices as they drive past the licks of fire coming up around both sides of the roadway.

When you finally see daylight as they exit the flames, you'll feel the same sense of relief that I'm sure they felt. It's a night and day difference. 

Send California good thoughts... 

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