Ambulance In D.C. Uses Siren From 'The Purge'

American Medical Response Ambulance

If even have a passing familiarity with the film and television franchise known as "The Purge", you know there is a haunting siren that goes along with the period of lawlessness that sets the plot of each installment.

Some workers for American Medical Response thought it would be funny to drive down a deserted 14th Street during the current quarantine blaring that creepy sound rather than it's usual siren.

Residents all along that corridor in D.C. took to social media to express fear, surprise, and shock that an emergency vehicle would display such an unsettling sound. American Media Response addressed the incident with a tweet:

AMR was made aware of a crew’s actions on the evening of 3/30. This reprehensible act is not condoned, and does not reflect the standards to which AMR holds its employees. Those involved tendered their resignations, and we apologize to anyone who was subjected to this behavior.

Below you can hear and see the incident for yourself:

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