Disturbing Allegations About Britney's Well Being Surface

For the last couple of years, it's seemed like things had finally fully circled back completely to a good place for Britney Spears. She was performing an incredibly successful, critically acclaimed Vegas residency. She was touring the world, and putting out some of the best music of her career.. all things Britney had finally balanced out.

But with the sudden cancellation of her "Domination" residency, and the newly surfaced allegations about some shady wrong doing in camp Britney, it would appear that things are possibly getting complicated for the Grammy award winner again.

According to new allegations made in the podcast "Britney's Gram," Britney's "Domination" show wasn't cancelled because of her father's declining health, but because Britney refused to continue on a medication regimen she didn't see fit for her. Even worse, "Britney's Gram" claims after Britney (who still remains under a conservatorship) refused to take said medication, she was committed against her will in early January.

Now all of this is speculation and unsubstantiated allegations, and should therefore be taken with an incredibly large grain of salt, but for an artist who has often spoken about the restrictive force around her, it is understandably troubling for fans to hear. You can read more on what "Britney's Gram" claims is happening on planet Britney at the moment here. What do you think? Is Britney taking a long overdue break, or are things not adding up for you either?

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